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Written by
Steve Oliver

An uncharted asteroid returns to the solar system to threaten the Earth...

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The asteroid was ancient. A kilometre in length, it travelled through the endless realms of space upon its slow axial revolution, rotating its whole body mass once every hour. It was a lone sentinel of the heavens, alone and cold, so cold that its own body of frozen water and heavy elements acted as a heart of iron, punching it through the darkness at tremendous velocity.

The ever-spinning gyration mass of the asteroid had remained unchanging since its birth. Its creation had been spawned from the remnants of a smashed planetoid, and dust of a supernova of a distant and exhausted star. The heavy elements of the stardust and the hydrocarbons of the pulverised planetoid had coalesced into a tight and knarled pack of heavy matter, which had been flung hurtling through space with the energy of a thousand atomic bombs. Although it had been cast into the heavens aeons ago, the momentum it contained was eternal. The parabolic orbit of…

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Steve Oliver said "Thank you for your supportive views with this particular story Mark, and the intention was to create a little awkwardness to emphasise friction between the characters, which was rather implied than explained."
7 years ago
Mark Patrick said "Hi Steve, I wish you would have written my science books in high school. You have a real talent for turning somewhat dry science subjects, in this case the origins of an asteroid, into a compelling read. Definitely an underrated skill. I really enjoyed the first half of the story and how you did not reveal the time until the midway point. I agree with Diane, the second half felt a bit off. It might be the dialogue, it sounded a bit choppy. But hey, maybe astronomers sound like that. Thanks for another enlightening sci-fi story."
7 years ago
Kate Smart Guest Editor said "A period drama sounds good - shame about Garrett Hobourne though, I really enjoyed those characters. I'd hang in there mind, you never know, wheels turn and all that."
7 years ago
Steve Oliver said "Thankyou for your kind comments Diane, and yes perhaps it could have been a little longer, however I did become conscious of being drawn into another 'novel', and as mentioned in the forums regarding 'titles', I do try to write 'what it says on the tin', and yes I know an audio version would be good, because the SB narrators are so talented."
7 years ago
Diane Dickson Guest Editor said "I found the first part of this absolutely mesmerizing. I felt that the second half, although cleverly done, could have been a bit more drawn out but maybe that's because I was enjoying your writing so much. I would love to hear this in audio."
7 years ago
Kate Smart Guest Editor said "Steve, I always enjoy your writing and I especially liked the start of this with the asteroid etc. Like myself I think you must have watched an awful lot of movies & read a lot of pulp fiction - no bad thing in my view - I enjoy how that comes through in your writing. I hope you're going to get something published, I'm sure you could write something really popular."
7 years ago
Steve Oliver replied saying "I am pleased that you wamed to the first part of this story Kate, as I thought maybe it would come across as 'dry astronomy'. Yes I am a kind of sponge for 'B' movies, and feel as if I have read rather too many bottom shelf library books! I am trying to get published Kate re: 'Thunder In The Valley', alas the western genre is not as popular as it once was, however I do have have a period drama in mind that is trying to burst out..."
7 years ago
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