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Written by
Bill Hutchinson

She is trapped in the snow..............

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As she was waking she was vaguely aware of the intense cold. Her eyes had not opened and she kept drifting back into unconsciousness.

Struggling attempts to open her eyes and escape the black abyss failed. Her limbs would not respond, indeed she could not feel them. All the time there was this heightening sense of cold. Then at last the light entered through a crack in her eyelids and she attempted to focus. All was peacefully and glaringly white. Something was waving immediately in front of her now opening eyes. Still the body would not move despite her awakening senses.

The movement was now beginning to make a form. It was a plant blowing in the wind. It was a sprig of flowerless heather!

Still nothing would move, the cold, the pain, were increasing.

She managed to move her head and saw snow. Everywhere was snow.

She pulled herself into the foetal position and tried…

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Bill Hutchinson replied saying "You are right. Thank you very much for pointing it out. I never re-read the story properly (at all to tell the truth!) I will certainly try harder. Thanks again."
4 years ago
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Kate Smart Guest Editor said "Nice ending! A good read, it drew me in and kept me interested from the start. Would be very happy to read more, thank you."
4 years ago
Bill Hutchinson replied saying "Thank you for your comments Kate. I am hoping for a good fall of snow before spring. My sledge is rusty!"
4 years ago
Diane Dickson Guest Editor said "I found this captivating and your constructed it extremely well, each step took me further into the story. The descriptive passages were very strong and then at the end there is a mystery to ponder. Could it be that there is more to come ? I enjoyed this read - thanks - Diane"
4 years ago
Bill Hutchinson replied saying "Hopefully we will get a big snowfall up here, though at the moment it is like spring! Thank you Diane."
4 years ago

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