Short Story: Two Uplifting Poems

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Written by
June Griffin

Two Uplifting Poems

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There’s nothing like the sparkle

Of sunlight in the morn.

It’s like the haloed brightness

Of a babe who's newly born.

Sunlight shines on ocean waves

And the child at play in sand.

It sparkles on the little drops

Of water on his hand.

When sunlight falls on meadows

Tiny seeds will sprout.

It lifts the hearts of man and beast

And gets us up and out.

Sunlight peers in windows

And comforts all it sees.

It wraps us in its warm embrace sun –

The best of remedies!

Sometimes when we're all grown up

And shadows fall our way,

God’s precious gift – a newborn sun –

Still lights our lives each day!


If you seek to feel closer to heaven

And pine to find solace and peace,

It just takes a walk in a garden

To enjoy a heavenly feast.

There is nothing so splendid a vision

To bring comfort and joy to the stressed

As the sight of colorful flowers

Because nature always knows best!

Just by walking with beauty so…

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