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About this Short Story

Written by
Steve Oliver

Narrated by
Helen McAlpine

While fighting to recover from his wounds, received at the gunfight at the Clarette Ranch, memories of the past return to haunt Garrett Hobourne; however a new danger now looms on the trail. Can he overcome the danger that lies ahead, or will the course of justice catch up with him first? Is this end of Garrett Hobourne? This story is intended as a sequel to ‘The Faith’. (For those new to the story, this is the fourth in the series, and includes ’The Song of Tomorrow’, ’Ricochet!’ and ‘The Faith’.)

  • 3625 Words
  • 80% Community Rating

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Maria maintained her vigil, and carefully ladled warm broth between Garrett's swollen lips. His eyes darted uncontrollably from side to side, as she did so. Brokenwing held on firmly to him, as he thrashed about in the last throws of pain and unconsciousness. Maria looked to Brokenwing with hope in her eyes, and the ancient Shoshone slowly nodded his approval.

Images raced through Garrett’s mind, to a time when he had been on the razor edge of his life. He had kept counsel with fate and eluded the hangman, by his quick wits and rapid reactions. Recollections came quickly and clearly to him, but the schoolteacher’s pleading face still haunted him.

News of the ‘Stage Killing’ had swept the range like running fire, and it ran hot and angry. Kinsfolk were boiling mad and quick with rage, and no match for slow words. In the temper of black revenge Garrett found himself at the hated end of a lynching noose.…

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Steve Oliver said "Hi Debbie, thank you for your kind and supportive comments –most welcome! I am pleased that you particularly liked Helen’s fine narration of the story, which I agree is worthy of high praise indeed. The series has been forged into a novel, and now I am seeking a supportive publisher – best regards…"
7 years ago
Debbie Johnson said "I so enjoyed this series, and the wonderful narration by Helen McAlpine. Her voice reminds me of Holly Hunter the actress, and was perfect for this. You have a great gift for easing the action scenes into character development and back , that carries the reader along , transporting their minds and their hearts, effortlessly. Thank You for sharing this with us."
7 years ago
Kate Smart Guest Editor said "further thoughts - Steve, I genuinely have enjoyed these stories and I just want to say another couple of things. I'm a fan of the traditional Western and thought Garrett was a great character. I recognised many ingredients of your stories from the countless hours I've spent watching TV Westerns and movies such as the Searchers, Bend in the River, The Way West, Bad Day at Black Rock - the list could go on and on. But my point is, I think your stories are lifted way out of cliche and pastiche because of the vividness of your writing, the strength of the characterisation, and the exciting plots. If I've appreciated them, I'm sure others would too. I know nothing about the publishing world, but if anyone's publishing western novels, for what it's worth I think think you have got the makings of a good one here. I don't think you should let it go, hammer it out into a novel, if you've the energy adn inclination. Just one person's opinion. Best of luck, Steve, whatever you decide."
9 years ago
Steve Oliver said "Thanks - Thanks Kate, I am pleased you liked the story, and followed the series along the way- best regards"
9 years ago
Kate Smart Guest Editor said "gripping - Great title and another gripping, vivid story. Mustangs, campfires, beans, Peacemakers, a preacher - and a couple of bad 'uns to boot -I found this thoroughly enjoyable once again, and good to know how Garrett escaped the lynching! thanks Steve - look forward to more - this seems to be turning into a novel by the way?"
9 years ago

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