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Written by
Daniel Mays

Plato thought, “I’ve got this spraying thing down pat.”

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They called him Plato. But he does not know why. He was only a baby. Plato thought that he did not like that name and he would get them. But he did not know how.

He was loved by every second grader in the class and they all picked him up to snuggle him. He thought that he would vomit every time that they hugged him. One year later, after the summer break, he had a plan. I look black and white. That may mean something, he thought. He researched the black and white. Yes, I can get them.

On the first day of school, the third graders went into the classroom. The teacher asked, “Do you remember Plato?” He is a lot bigger now.

Celeste said “Can I hold him now.” “Of course you can.” So she took Plato and cuddled him.

He thought, “Now.” He used his talent on her and the teacher,…

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Suzanne Mays Guest Editor said "I enjoyed reading about Plato and can see this as a children's story. All the best in writing. Suzanne"
2 years ago

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