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Written by
Gus Glynn

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I was not there

The day they built the barriers against the tide and began to dig

The foundations you stand on to this day

I was not there

When the last lick of mortar skimmed your short and lofty walls alike

Marking out the arches and the platforms from the waters and the rock

I was not there

When the first divers leapt to greet the wind before piercing the bracing Atlantic

The timber spring-boards shuddering, vibrating in their wake

I only heard the stories when the gang they called the rattlesnakes

Threw some poor innocent gobshite off the topmost board when the tide was out

Breaking one of his legs

I was hardly around when Brother Crowe first began his daily routine

Of the six a.m. cycle on his old black Raleigh

For a dive and a freezing swim before the school day began

I was only there to soak up the sun and redden the skin

Of milk bottle legs, dangling like the rest…

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Willie Douglas said "Gus: What a wonderful piece of poetry. It covers a vast span of time in few words, and it wonderfully captures the narrator's knowledge and affection of the subject. The transition from "I was not...", to "I was only...", was well done (the line between what was heard into what was experienced). Very nice!"
4 years ago
Kate Smart Guest Editor said "There is some awful poetry on Shortbread (I say this as someone who has posted some god-awful stories and written awful poetry myself) so not knowing your work I approached this with caution - however I thought it was very good indeed, especially the last half, and now I will go on to read your other stuff. Thank you!"
4 years ago
Gus Glynn replied saying "Many thanks Kate, I always appreciate someone taking the time to read and replies are very helpful - Gus"
4 years ago
Adam West Guest Editor said "This was not edited by the Shortbread team~~~~never has this statement seemed more apt - I would like to hear from anyone who can suggest an edit - as Vic says - assured - made me think if the video to the Laura Marling track Rambling Man - many thanks indeed, Adam"
4 years ago
Gus Glynn replied saying "Praise indeed, thankyou sir - Gus"
4 years ago
Victor Smith said "This was an assured piece of work. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks. -Vic."
4 years ago
Gus Glynn replied saying "Cheers Vic, many thanks - Gus"
4 years ago
Diane Dickson Guest Editor said "I thought that this was a beautiful piece of poetry. although it is obviously fairly modern it had a classic feel to it and I was caught up by the descriptions and the "love" that the writer had for this place. - Super- Thanks - Diane"
4 years ago
Gus Glynn replied saying "Thanks so much Diane, I'm glad you like this one :)"
4 years ago

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