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About this Short Story

Written by
Sally Brown

Narrated by
Dominic Tighe

Everyone knows that the toilet monster is asleep during the day. But at night it will bite your bottom and even gobble you up! But one night, Tyler just has to go...

  • 1212 Words
  • 79% Community Rating

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Tyler had been told that if he wasn’t fast enough the toilet monster would gobble him up. His big brother Kyle said that the toilet monster slept during the day, but if he needed a wee during the night the toilet monster would get him, or at least bite his bottom off.

So for the last few months Tyler had been too scared to go to the bathroom at night time. But sometimes he needed to go so badly he ended up wetting the bed. Mum was very nice about it but Kyle called him a baby and told him mum would make him wear a nappy. But luckily Mum never did. One evening as mum was tucking them both into bed she asked Tyler why he couldn’t use the toilet at night.

“Because of the toilet monster of course!” Tyler was very surprised that mum didn’t know about this.

“The toilet monster? Who told you that?” Mum asked, taking…

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Siti Nur Shafiqah said "Great storyyyy!!!!"
3 years ago
Keith Snell said "I can't remember the last time I read a children's story was surprised by how entertaining it was. An excellent tale, in fact I might even have a go at writing one myself."
3 years ago
Treva Kennedy said "I smiled all the way through."
4 years ago
Liceth Alfonso said "Such a wonderful story! :) Thank you"
4 years ago
Suzanne Mays Guest Editor said "When I saw the title I had to read it. This is just a wonderful story. Thank you so much. Suzanne"
6 years ago
James McEwan Guest Editor said "My real name is Bogg - I was in stitches with laughter. I love the way you have captured our irrational childhood fears in this delightful story. Although it is certainly a story for children I would be careful in telling it to 3 or 4 year olds, afterall you have just confirmed that Bogg exists. A good read."
7 years ago
This comment has been removed; this user is no longer a member of Shortbread.
David Green said "A good children's story (and thus also a good read for us elders)."
7 years ago
Ailsa James Guest Editor said "I really enjoyed this story, a great little tale with a little nip in it! Huge fun. (Kyle's name was mixed up with Tyler's a couple of times but hey ho it didn't detract from an excellent read.)"
7 years ago
Lianne Mccarthy-shirey said "What a fabulous story, Sally. I love a bit of pay-backs, don't you? and I hope this isn't a spoiler, either."
7 years ago
Kate Smart Guest Editor said "matchmaking! - I hope I won't spoil this for readers too much by suggesting a possible romance between your toilet monster and Bill Kirton's Stanley? I think they'd make a lovely couple!! enjoyed this very much, thank you!"
8 years ago
Jonathan Morse said "this was fun - how can I say why I liked it without spoiling the fun for the next person?"
9 years ago

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