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About this Short Story

Written by
Darren Gillen

A storm dominates a country landscape, devastating it and renting it asunder. I tell the tale from the point of view of the storm, in order to try and evoke a sense of the potential malevolence of nature, and to tell an old story in a new way.

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Lightning sparkles across the sky, and the storm gazes across its destruction with a malevolent glee, surveying the damage that its armies have wreaked in its name. Wind howls across the valley, an army of banshees moving across the fields, shrieking and cackling and causing the grass and trees to buck and toss in terror; the wind, being an ill-disciplined army of wretched creatures, refuses to show fidelity to any particular compass point, and blows in multiple directions simultaneously, throwing the environment into chaos. So terrified are the trees that it would have been no great surprise to see them lift their great roots up from deep within the soil and bolt across the landscape, their roots acting like octopus tentacles to propel them at great speed, spraying earth like ink from their roots to confuse the storm.

The surrounding environment is jet black: nothing is visible in the absolute blackness that…

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