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This is the beginning; an art house movie in which the symbols twist and weave. Everything a metaphor, with no explanation given. It is the image that draws our eye. We are trained to see and to decipher, through emotion and facial expression, but do we understand?

The scene is half lit. A broken cityscape. The sounds of gunfire far off. An angel descends, wings outstretched. She stands centre stage, wings folded. Dark, except for searchlights sweeping.

The lights come on briefly; the power erratic, on and off for days. The lights illuminating the chaotic scenery. The angel girl stands at the centre, wings outstretched with a snow dog at her heels.

Tourists arrive with camera’s, stepping tentatively across the damaged ground. A news crew with a reporter, microphone in hand.

She raises wrists encased in shackles resembling barbed wire. The symbolism is apt.

Armed men lead her away. Darkness descends.

Light breaks. The Angel girl…

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Tony O'doherty said "Intrigued by Keith's review below, I started reading. Once started, I read it quickly and eagerly. The only sliders I moved are Writing Style and Overall Enjoyment. I felt the others don't apply. It has a dream-like structure. A dream by someone, drained and asleep, after a harrowing and experience. This makes two - or even more - "alternative" endings not alternatives at all, but valid part's of the piece's structure. As I read I heard faint echoes of one of my favourite writers, Flan O'Brien, who sustained a similar but more humourous structure throughout his novel "The Third Policeman"."
24 minutes ago
Keith Snell said "I suppose my description has to be weird and wonderful, although some may say the product of a deranged mind. The alternative ending smacks of 'think I'd better have a round-up' for those who may not take the piece for what it is - so dump it. The convoluted hop-scotching from one scene and time to another really had me hooked. Great stuff Desmond."
2 years ago

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