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About this Short Story

Written by
Philip B

Douglas Yossarian loses his brother in a fatal accident, and soon after everything goes wrong. Leading him to ask questions about his existence. This is a very rough draft of the first couple of chapters of a short novel I wish to write. Heavily inspired by Heller's Catch-22, please excuse the 'iffy' humour, cursing and probable mistakes. All feedback very welcome!

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The hymnbook was thrust in front of me by an officious old lady, who looked out of place in the church, mainly because she the reincarnation of Lucifer himself. Her face was a cross between a half eaten shoe and John Prescott’s left buttock, sagging noticeably lower on the right side from the other. Her teeth were nicotine stained stumps which had endured years of cigarettes, alcohol and Werthers Originals, slowly decaying away like everything else in her life. She had been playing the organ at the start of the service, belting out song after song of general Christian shite. I didn’t bother singing along. I felt cold within the stone walls and dreary surroundings. A shiver ran down my spine then all the way to my toes as I thought of the moment I would die. The hairs on my arms and neck were raised and prickly to touch. It simply wasn’t worth thinking about.

Looking around all I…

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Charlotte Wemyss said "The Meaning of Life - I loved this, I thought it was hysterical. I laughed out loud. Poor wretched Fingers - actually just as the car hit, he was ejected from the ear and soared over the car roof and landed in a huge deep puddle and a child coming along with his mother saw him swimming around and.... ....Phew! Charlotte W"
9 years ago
Peggy Jardine Paterson said "Fingers was Brilliant! - A promising start and it will be very interesting to see how the book develops. The narrative is a bit dis-jointed and switches tenses.I liked the humour and although most of the descriptions are brief, they are very strong and therefore do not need to be expanded. And the fish called Fingers was brilliant!"
9 years ago

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