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After many years away, Scott returns to his home town and becomes embroiled in something that may change his life forever. This is part of a longer piece that may yet turn into a novel.

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‘You were seen taking photographs at the aircraft museum yesterday,’ said the older man. He was late-50s and had the flushed phizog of a boozehound.

‘And?’ Scott asked.

‘These are just preliminary enquiries, sir,’ said the younger of the two, the one turning to fat. Scott thought he looked like one of those thirtysomethings who appeared at his gym every New Year, full of resolutions, only to drop out within a few weeks when the going got too sweaty.

‘This kiddie who’s gone missing was at the museum. So maybe there’s something on your camera that could help with our investigation.’

‘Doubt it,’ Scott said. ‘I was taking pictures of the planes.’

‘Still,’ said Red Face. ‘I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if we take a look.’

Scott fetched his camera. ‘Be my guest.’

‘Nice hotel this,’ Tubby commented. ‘What brings you to Gateshead?’

‘My father‘s in hospital,’ Scott said. ‘Pneumoconiosis. I’m just visiting.’

‘You’re a local?’ Tubby sounded surprised. ‘Lost the accent, then?’

Scott nodded but said no more, his…

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Desmond Kelly said "Good start if it turns into something longer. I'm afraid I've met the type of policeman you portray, although to be fair the attitude may come across as dated to modern readers. This isn't a criticism of style, merely a suggestion. If you set the time period back a couple of decades you are spot on. Good luck with it. Des"
6 years ago
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Michael Parris said "a little bit too unbelievable with the coppers attitudes like that would not last very long in the post McPherson police force"
6 years ago
Lesley Ann Sharrock replied saying "Tell that to all the unfortunate innocent folk languishing in jail at this very moment. Personal prejudice remains no matter what the 'official' line may be. Granted, the DS was a wee bit Gene Hunt (Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes) but there is a reason that particular fictional character is a hero to many of today's coppers."
6 years ago
Diane Dickson Guest Editor said "Oh my goodness this was disquieting. Talk about judging a book by its cover. This left a great deal of room for thought and raised a lot of prejudice and held it up to the light - well done - Diane"
6 years ago

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