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About this Short Story

Written by
Bill MacKenzie

Narrated by
Gordon Morris

Tom and Frank are planning a robbery. Will Billy come through for them and be The Getaway Driver?

  • 2166 Words
  • 80% Community Rating

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“He’s a moron.”

“I know, I know,” nodded Tom.

“There is more sense in a dead penguin,” Frank expanded. Tom just nodded this time.

Such exchanges were regular but they didn’t upset me - I knew that they were just kidding.

I had met Tom and Frank in the “Bull’s Head” just a few weeks before. The “Bull’s Head” wasn’t my regular drinking place but I popped in one night and got to playing pool with a couple of wasters who turned out to be Tom and Frank. Neither of them worked so they were quite pleased to find me - I usually have a few quid in my pocket.

“If you let him in on the job we’re snookered,” Frank said. “We may as well stroll down to the cop shop now and hand ourselves in.”

“He’s not that bad,” from Tom this was high praise. “We need someone.”

“Not him,” Frank snorted and cast me a disdainful glance.…

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Leigh McMahon said "The phrase "A fool may give a wise man counsel" comes to mind, but Billy's not as stupid as Tom and Frank think."
7 years ago
David Green said "odd variation on the hold up theme.....ell done and well enjoyed"
7 years ago
Christine Human said "The Getaway Drive - All shortbread stories are downloaded onto my ipod and enjoyed whilst walking the dog.I enjoyed this so much I shared with friends.So dwon to earth and laugh out loud."
8 years ago
Julie Hodgkiss said "Humourous - Enjoyed this story made me laugh out loud and I was in bed listening. Husband wondered what was happening!"
9 years ago
Gordon Forrest said "The Getaway Driver - Very entertaining short story. Not overcluttered with unnecessary description. "
9 years ago
Tom Hitchen said "Thanks - thanks for the constructive criticism on My Heart is a Fist. The swearing, looking back, is a tad excessive but I stand by the decision to put it in. Steve (narrator) is a teen in the late stages of puberty who's girl is with someone else (i've been there, in some ways i still am) and to have his situation and demenour and not swear would feel unrealistic. A bit like in soap operas where they argue heatedly but never swear and you sit and think "he would have swore there SURELY" thanks again :)"
9 years ago
Tom Hitchen said "Loved It - I've favourited this and with good reason. Great, funny story"
9 years ago
Kris Wallace Guest Editor said "Simply Enjoyable - An amusing tale happily set in the world of the unfazed. Easy and enjoyable to read."
9 years ago

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