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About this Short Story

Written by
Steve Oliver

Narrated by
Helen McAlpine

Life can be tough, and when pared to the bare essentials, trust and faith help guide our instincts through difficult times. In a log cabin on the wind swept plains of Wyoming, a young woman grapples with her feelings, when she encounters a stranger. This story is intended as a follow-up, to ‘The Song of Tomorrow’, and ‘Ricochet!’

  • 2965 Words
  • 80% Community Rating

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Garrett’s bullet wounds from the gunfight were serious, and the battle-scars were deep. Yet the love and care that sustained him through his semi-conscious state were deeper still, and they remained constant. Maria attended Garrett’s broken body, and nursed his torn spirit.

Outside in the yard, steam rose steadily into the morning air from a large black cooking pot that stood above spurting flames. The pot bubbled and hissed softly from the heat of the yellow flames beneath. Green–Thorn kept the hungry flames fed, with split pine logs that he chopped constantly with repeated swings of the long axe. Each swing forced the keen blade of the axe through the grain of the dry wood, and each blow threw the cleaved logs cleanly apart from the chopping block.

Maria smiled at the young Sioux through the open window, and listened to his rhythmic splitting of the wood. The cuts and bruises that he had endured had healed well, and only…

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Chanan 003 said "The story stops in the middle"
4 years ago
Aleema Zinnat said "This was an amazing story , i just wish it could have been a little bit longer though.Also there was alot of descriptive vocab. Which was really good. Overall an amazing story!"
6 years ago
Aleema Zinnat replied saying "ThankYou i Will Be Sure To Check It Ouut ^_^"
6 years ago
Steve Oliver replied saying "Hi Aleema - Pleased that you liked this particular story. If you wish the story continues with Part Four - 'Trail Of Fear'... best regards Steve"
6 years ago
Kate Smart Guest Editor said "keep moseying on - Relieved to hear that Garrett hasn't moseyed off into the sunset permanently! I still want to know how he escaped from the "hangin'" - which he clearly didn't deserve...looking forward to the next instalment, as are many others I'm sure."
9 years ago
Steve Oliver said "Writers, Friends .. - I'm sure Garrett would like me to thank you for your comments of encouragement. He assures me he will return .."
9 years ago
Debbie Johnson said "Beautiful story - I loved your phrasing "velvet imaginings" ! What an artistic way to say it. This one struck a chord with me. Thank you!"
9 years ago
Thomas Williamson said "The Faith - Much enjoyed reading this, it so smoothly written but with wonderfully vivid understated descriptions. It fills in some of the background to The Song of Tomorrow and Ricochet. More please."
9 years ago
Kate Smart Guest Editor said "great! garrett's back! - Really very much enjoyed reading about these characters again. Thanks for filling in some of the gaps re. Garrett's past - I say "some", because I am sure there is more to come! These characters and the settings are so vivid, and I really like the dialogue as well, also the moral sense that runs through it all. Also very much liked the image of the little bluebird, and the new Shoshone character. Hope you're not going to leave it there, and that there will be another story about these three. Thanks Steve!"
9 years ago

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