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About this Short Story

Written by
Tony Brown

Clifford, the crocodile one lovely sunny day woke and yawned widely. Suddenly panic overtook him. His false teeth had popped out of his mouth and rolled down the riverbank into the muddy water and were lost. The villagers laughed at him when they saw he had no teeth and Clifford was very upset.

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Clifford was quite an old crocodile but was determined to keep his good scaly looks. He still had a lot of "Swish" in his tail and could still hold his breath for quite a few minutes under water. He was most ferocious when he needed to be, but he also had a heart of gold.

He had slept by the riverbank as usual but this particular morning something dreadful was about to happen.

He woke up in a cheerful mood, having dreamt nice dreams of his girlfriend Chrissie, but this was quickly to change. As he stretched and yawned a huge yawn, his false snappers suddenly popped out of his mouth, rolled down the muddy bank and plopped into the river. The strong current carried them away and poor Clifford was toothless.

The news spread fast among the animals. Some laughed with hearty joy, but some others were sad for him – but most…

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Daniel Mays said "Hi Tony, Well done. Fun story that needs to be illustrated. Enjoyed the story and thanks for sharing. All the best, Daniel"
10 months ago
Suzanne Mays Guest Editor said "This is such a good story, Tony. I enjoyed reading it and can see it with pictures in a book. All the best, Suzanne"
2 years ago
Krystyna Fedosejevs said "Enjoyable tale for children and grownups alike,Tony. It would be great as an illustrated children's book."
2 years ago
Sam Kandej said "This is a sweet story, Tony. Thank you for writing it."
2 years ago

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