Short Story: The Bones Of The Hunted

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About this Short Story

Written by
William Paster

A story about a hunting experience on a game farm

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It was late morning when Dad stopped in the front yard. I saw Saxon running towards the pickup. Getting out of the car, I was barraged with high pitched yaps and short jumps; the dog was trying to pull me down to his level. I grinned and pushed the paws downward.

I sternly command: "Down Saxon, down!" Then I crouched and gave the Rhodesian ridgeback a warm welcoming rubdown. He calmed down a bit, and I grinned as I stood up. I was happy to be home for the July holidays.

Dad still had his hands on the steering wheel when he said: "Anton, get your stuff out of the back. I've got work to do."

I reached over the sides of the rear cargo area to get my bags. I hesitated when my gaze fell again upon the elaborate airbrush work done the outside of the vehicle. Right across the side of the…

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Julianne Munich said "Nicely done!"
9 months ago

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