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About this Short Story

Written by
Lucy Douglas

Narrated by
Flora Montgomery

Perfectly pale Lily's obsession with her skin has dramatic repercussions ...

  • 952 Words
  • 75% Community Rating

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Lily was an attractive girl of nineteen years of age. She was single and jobless, but never lonely or penniless. Lily could always be found, at weekends, down at the local pub, her glass rarely empty. Invariably she would be surrounded by a swathe of admiring potential Romeos, and at the end of the night, Lily would happily stagger away with the chosen one, whilst her girlfriends gladly carried away the rejected ones. And so the harmonious balance continued week after week, until eventually reality caught up with our Lily.

For there was a chink in the perfection of Lily’s life. Deep down inside her soul there nestled a black succubus. It was a pinprick in size, but with every passing day it ate away a little more of Lily. It rooted itself onto Lily's thoughts, suckling away like a changeling newborn on her dreams, hopes and anxieties.

You see, Lily's dark rooted secret was, quite simply, that she hated herself. Not…

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Gaston Garcia said "Fantastic story!"
3 years ago
Giovanna Bertino said "Brilliant story and thank you for the "glorious skin" of the Italians. Giovanna"
4 years ago
Samuelson Obigbesan said "Great story! Images were really vivid and the idea behind the story was evocative."
4 years ago
Youstina Thabet said "GREAT JOB. I really liked LaUCY Daglus"
4 years ago
Otteri Selvakumar said "wow thinking supper"
5 years ago
This comment has been removed; this user is no longer a member of Shortbread.
Lavender Brown said "Lovely read. Made me think deep."
7 years ago
Golda Burke said "Great story - just the right length for a quick read."
7 years ago
Daphne Macfarlane said "I really enjoyed this story. Love receiving them in my email. A treat every Friday. Thank you"
7 years ago
Holly Moon said "Quick and easy to read, and with a swift twist at the end! I will be looking for more of Ms Douglas's stories."
7 years ago
Angela Dyer Guest Editor said "Brilliant story and so well written. Congratulations! And hooray for Fridays bringing up all these gems . . ."
7 years ago
Diane Dickson Guest Editor said "How lovely to find this in my in box today. The writing is very skilful and proficient and the little nuggets of ironic humour were delicious. Great stuff thank you."
7 years ago
Susan Donim said "Deliciously Dark - A really enjoyable read with a great moral. Although not one for the faint hearted! Spoiler Alert! I'm a very pale skinned person, have been all my life, and no amount of tanning changes this so I felt immediately connected to the character! Although I do manage to keep my succubus under wraps most of the time! "
8 years ago
Jacqueline Kirk said "Hey - Just to say I thought your story was very well written. Made me look up succubus! A female demon eh? Must have a few of them torturing me at the moment! Good stuff Lucy and very smart."
8 years ago

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