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About this Short Story

Lolly the ladybird is the most popular insect in the whole garden. She makes the Slug wish his girlfriend was red and she gossips with the prissy Spider about the compost bins and day-to-day life in the grasses. So when Lolly realises she is having babies, all the insects are overjoyed about the prospect of more bright red ladybirds in the garden. But when the young ones come crawling out of their larvae they look nothing like their mother, much to everyone’s horror. Could they really be ladybird babies?

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Of all of the creatures in all of the grasses,

Lolly the ladybird was the prettiest of lasses.

Ruby-red skirted, spotted and shy,

Her smile was quite dazzling and she could fly.

A well-mannered lady who said please and pardon,

She was, for all, the toast of the garden.

“What a looker, what a charmer!” a passing Slug said,

“I wish my girlfriend had a coat of ruby red.”

“She’s the best of all the bugs,” piped up the Snail,

“Never complains about my slimy trail.”

The Spider agreed from her silver, threaded station,

Only with Lolly could she have a lively conversation.

Discussing weather, the seasons, the compost bins,

How difficult it can be – having eight pins.

So when Lolly announced she was having some babies,

Everyone said, “They’ll be crackers, no ifs, buts or maybes!”

And Lolly herself couldn’t wait to be a mum,

Each baby would be treasured; a cherubic, loving chum.

Her eggs were kept…

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Joanna Sutherland said "Fantastic! - What a great great great story, ery clever and entertaining, will def be reading this to the kids regularly! PS meant to give it 5 stars not 1!! "
8 years ago
Sara Mccorquodale said "Thanks - Thankyou so much for the lovely comments! It was very nervewracking putting this story on the site because I spent a year or so trying to get it right, so I really appreciate the positive feedback."
8 years ago
James Boyle said "Absolutely Excellent - WELL DONE!!! A first class short story making an excellent read. Not to long or to short, kids will find it entertaining and gripping (making their imagination run wild). Your only problem will be, when will your next one be ready. I look forward to seeing your stories in print on the book shops shelves."
8 years ago
Angus Cameron said "Brilliant! - Brilliant! Must be somebody out there who could illustrate this surely? :)"
8 years ago
Susan Donim said "The hungry baby bugs!? - Funnily enough I just read an article about The Very Hungry Caterpillar still being a firm favourite for children world wide, which is perhaps why I decided to read this. I'm not much of a poetry lover but this was such fun, a well structured, well paced children's story. I can almost see it on a book shelf next to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. "
8 years ago

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