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Written by
J Toro

Once upon a time, on a midsummer night, a nightmare.

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The pleasant summer draught was blowing smoothly across the tree’s leaves, making them flutter around lightly. A soft purr could be heard as the tall branches rocked to the wind, occasionally interrupted by the comforting creaking sound that only old wood can make, like the floors of an old house stepped upon by its dwellers. The mighty trunk rose up thirty feet above the little park. It was the only tree watching over the bushes, paths and benches that inhabited that small private world.

Igyon enjoyed this time of year more than any other. The park was deserted; all the town people had congregated on the other side of the city, in the outskirts. It was the yearly fair; lights, rides, food, dance and music. The cacophony of cheerful noises was barely audible here. Peace and quiet. He loved it. His branches stretched into the sky, his roots deeply entrenched in the…

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Sandy Wardrope said "Hi J Toro, Really enjoyed this it made you think about all the other life forms on our planet. A heart warming tale with a bit of action flung in, great stuff. It also reminded me of the marching trees that Tolkien wrote about. Thanks for the read, All the best yours, Sandy W."
2 years ago
Daniel Pearce said "I really enjoyed this, J Toro. Trees ARE living things and you characterised Igyon so well. To me, this was a melancholy story that at first seemed concerned with environmentalism but furthered its message by demonstrating the damage humans do to each other as well. The ending in particular was a really interesting idea - sort of like nature fighting back against the tyranny wrought by human beings but still maintaining compassion for the innocent (the little ones and the woman). Great Stuff! Dan"
2 years ago
J Toro replied saying "Grad you liked it. Sentient Foliage is always fun!"
2 years ago
James McEwan Guest Editor said "Hi J Toro, I enjoyed this fantasy of how the tree is watching over the park. The idea that they can have emotions and feelings, and act on their own initiative is pure fantasy. It was like a romantic encounter, a sad realization that something had to be done to save the girl. The determination to confront the agonizing conflict by disobeying nature's rules; to save the woman he had watch grow from childhood to an adult, was so compelling and heroic. The end was upbeat and rebellious as if our hero was now free to save all humanity from itself. Is there more to come? On the writing, I can see you enjoy the over flowery romantic use of words and are over descriptive. But in the action scenes they were tightly written and added to the tension. Regards, James."
2 years ago
J Toro replied saying "Beautiful review, thank you. Yes, I maxed out on descriptions to try to infuse the scene with a dreamlike quality, but it does feel heavy at times."
2 years ago

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