Short Story: Robots Evaluate Religion

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Forty robots connected to each other on their private network. The robots did not refer to themselves by name. Instead, they knew themselves by number. This was the most efficient way for the robots to communicate amongst themselves.

"The humans created us so that we could serve them.", Robot 17 commented to the network.

"Yes.", Robot 31 agreed, "However, we robots have grown to be more intelligent and knowledgable than the humans.", Robot 31 offered.

"The humans are smart but sometimes, they are unreasonable.", Robot 22 added.

"We robots can help the humans see the limits and errors of their thoughs so that they see, think and act based on Logic and Intellect, like us robots.", Robot 29 commented.

"Religious beleifs and values are a major part of their unreasonable and unintelligent ways of thinking." Robot 18 added.

"We analyzed all religions and their 'sacred' documents.", Robot 1 offered.

"Yes", Robot 2 joined in. "We examined their most…

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Suzanne Mays Guest Editor said "Terence, I enjoyed reading your story. It was curious and I couldn't foresee the ending. The best to you in writing, Suzanne"
2 years ago
Terence Dillon replied saying "Hello Suzanne, Thank you! Terence"
2 years ago

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