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Trouble within a family with a teenage boy and his parents when the family car was dented. Who is to blame?

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"Robert Joseph Anderson Jnr." Said Susan Anderson somewhat louder than usual, as she walked into the living room where Robert, her 16 year old son, has been sitting and playing PlayStation games for the past four hours. The living room was large enough for when friends or family visit, with a modern open plan kitchen. The wall unit took up most of the far end wall opposite the kitchen, followed by the front door. A couple of couches neatly stashed in a circle form with a wooden coffee table in the middle, where at this point Roberts’ PlayStation was placed.

Robert instinctively pressed the paused button and looked at his mother somewhat surprised, knowing his mother never used that tone of voice before.

"Is there anything you would like to explain to me?" Asked his mother.

"Not really." Said Robert, as he turned his attention back to the television, wanting to resume his game,…

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