Short Story: Rape & Crucifixion.

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Written by
Terry Collett


  • 714 Words
  • 88% Community Rating

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Sister Lucia kneels down. Her knees sense the bare wooden floor. Hardness, roughness. She closes her eyes. The room is silent, the smell of polish, soap. She tries to order her thoughts. To calm them, to get them to focus. Her hands touch, the fingers entwine. Flesh on flesh. Words won’t come; the words freeze in her throat. Just back in the convent after two years away in the foreign mission. She can picture it; see the mission chapel, the small house with walls, the square cloister. The chill of the room touches her. The mission had been warm, often hot. She tries to utter words, prayers. Nothing, nothing but sounds and images. She can still picture the soldiers who raped her. Still feel them inside her. She feels the hard floor beneath her knees, the knees ache, the back stiffens. She utters an Ave, that usually helps, starts her off, but nothing follows. First one soldier then the other,…

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Desmond Kelly said "A beautifully constructed piece which left me feeling chilled. I think you are a great writer and as with many of your stories it is unique and inspiring. The content is all too real and having been around since the fifties reminds me of events on far too many occassions. Thanks for what you do."
7 years ago
Terry Collett replied saying "Thank you, Desmond for reading the story and for your comments."
7 years ago
This comment has been removed; this user is no longer a member of Shortbread.
Terry Collett replied saying "Thank you for reading & comments, Jay."
7 years ago

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