Short Story: This Place Is Bouncing Man

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About this Short Story

Written by
Jamie Grover

A rock n roll wanabee's fall from grace

  • 6066 Words
  • 57% Community Rating

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The place is bouncing man. This is what it’s all about – like the good old days. The lights and the colours and the noise. The crowd. The interest. A hundred kisses have been planted on my cheeks and my arm aches from all the hand shaking that’s been going on. The boy is back. You’re a star kid. A fucking star.

Word is flying around the place that the guys from Sony have just come in. I tell everyone McManus is also here with Elbow’s manager; tell them to keep their eyes out for them, they’re sipping champagne somewhere. We’ve got an hour I note as the support goes on much to the annoyance of the crowd – they’re here to see us boys!

I’m keeping it together quite well despite the old butterflies; sticking to the lagers. Chain smoking out the back with one or two of the boys. I slip to the toilet and am pissing into…

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