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About this Short Story

Written by
Kayla Goosen

A young girl and her sister are caught up in a long time war. She has to fight her way to survival as the soldiers have no mercy over her town. She faces fear, loss and determination with the bravest little face you have ever seen...

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He looked down upon the green meadows that filled the spaces in the little village. Sheep were walking around the empty plain, not a care in the world. He returned his gaze toward the many buttons that accompanied him. At one stage in his long life the buttons and levers were too overwhelming, but that was before the cruelties of life found him. “Sergeant Reldner, are you in position?” A voice from the small black speaker asked. “Yes Captain, I am in position and the target is in sight.” He replied, clearly used to this conversation. “Good, then go as planned.” There was a pause from the other side of the speaker. “And Sergeant, you better not let us down. This is our last resolve against the enemy.” With that the speaker clicked off, leaving him to do what he did best. He pulled down the lever and as the aircraft…

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