Short Story: The Black Contract

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About this Short Story

The story is about a boy who made a contract with a black magician that contains the switching of people's fortunes and misfortunes.

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The story starts with a boy whose life is filled with misfortunes. When he was young, he was already an orphan with weak body. But soon, he was adopted by a family whose beloved daughter he rescued from an accident. Even though he was given shelter, he was still treated like a maid and was mistreated by the family. He had no friends and the world was still cruel to him. The only one kind enough to him was the family's daughter but for every kindness she gave came more mistreatments to the boy. With that, his love for her turned hatred. He grew even more distant and the daughter was scolded by her parents for showing kindness for a low being like him. Her family was all about status.

One night, after a beating, a woman in black dress showed up inside the boy's room and introduced herself as a magician.…

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