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About this Short Story

Written by
Joshua Makin

A story set in skylands where there are hybrids, Humanoid animals.

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On this fine morning, nothing disturbed the Hoop family and nothing could make the day worse. Or so they thought, as the first grapple hook slammed through the window. The Hoops could only weep as their belongings were stolen.

A spider hybrid Felix Wright carefully steered the Airship into the town port.

“Well this is a quiet” growled Blanc Nero a fox hybrid, “I thought that there were some Red Bandits here. The lowlife scum steal from the poor.”

“They are here, you can see their tracks from above” cawed Celia Mint an owl hybrid from above.

“Another victory for the Red Bandits” the drunken snake hybrid in the tavern hissed as she fell onto the port.

“I think we found them” Blanc smiled, as he sliced the tail off the hybrid.

In the tavern, the bandits were there, drinking and eating to their hearts content. Only if they knew the horrors that would happen in the…

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