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About this Short Story

Written by
Steven Lewis

Unlikely love in times of depression.

  • 1606 Words
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It was the time of summer lightning that I missed you the most.

My jeans were rolled up to the knee and I´d discarded my shirt on the riverbank the first time I noticed you staring at me. Your hair the colour of freshly harvested corn glowed golden in the sunlight. I grinned at you uncertainly, conscious of my slight chest and my dark skin. You half-waved at me before making your way further down the riverbank. Quickly I planted my fishing pole into the sticky mud at the riverside and retrieved my shirt, wiping the soft clay off of my bare feet on the dry grass.

Although this wasn´t nigger territory it wasn´t a white area either. No man´s land my daddy liked to call it. The great depression as they were calling it nowadays had affected us all, black and white, and it had become a great leveler.

Over the last year…

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