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Written by
Bill Robertson

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  • 333 Words
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The sky is a black velvet blanket stitched with glittering diamonds. Its infinite reach sparkles in the chill November air. My eyes struggle to take in its vast expanse as I crane my neck skyward as far back as it can go.

From behind me a window flickers with the blue light of a television being watched in the dark. Left and right and back again I scan the sky. Suddenly, a streak of fire, a falling star pulling its glowing tail cuts a silent path through the air.

I feel small, suddenly aware of my place in the universe. I imagine looking down on myself travelling higher and farther, shrinking to a dot in the darkness below. The soft yellow of bedroom lights becomes mixed with the long rows of diffuse orange street lamps. They dwindle and recede as I fly higher, becoming just one more cluster of habitation in the country below. The country begins to be swallowed by the…

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