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About this Short Story

Written by
Desmond Kelly

A poor boy is forced to sell rabbits by the roadside to earn his family a living. This is set in rural USA, but I leave the period to your imagination.

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When Ma lit out she made sure we’d stay put.

“It ain’t you kids I’m leaving. It’s your Pa.”

It felt like there was no difference, the outcome being the same.

Pa sat there, limp in his chair like she’d kicked him in the balls, picked up a bottle and didn’t stop drinking for a week. Sister Sal put him to bed, puke down his shirt, pants pissed down one leg.

Weren’t nothing but hardship growing up. We got dust for dirt, and weeds for grass. The Federal Government give Pa a grant to put up glass houses and after he did, the sun don’t let up glinting in the eye.

“Got no crop to put in ‘em.” Pa complained.

The government agent give him seed and fertilizer, showed him what to do. Said he’d be back, but then the cuts came and we ain’t seen nobody in the best part of a year.

Pa let it go…

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Bob Kasch said "Nice work on this Des. painted a darn good picture of poorer parts of Missouri and Arkansas back when I was a kid. truth is: we raised rabbits once and our damned dogs killed every one of 'em. Write on sir."
4 months ago
Keith Snell said "Great story with excellent characterisations giving us a real insight into the boy's emotions. The reader has a growing desire to see the youngster come good, but all along we suspect it ain't going to be a fairy tale ending."
2 years ago

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