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Confronting a homeless man leads to unexpected consequences for Alice.

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Newcastle was one of those rare cities when even when the rain seemed to threaten floods, the streets were still full of people jostling with barely enough pavement to fit them all on. Alice kept her head down, her chin tucked into her scarf which seemed to offer the only warmth of the day. It would be hard to believe that she had just been complaining about the heat in the office she had left five minutes earlier.

People walked in fervent desire to get home as the light started to dim but they were also restrained from running due to impeccable social standards that determined that running was for children and Alice would quite agree as in her haste her foot slipped beneath her and she jumped quickly to stop from collapsing under a twisted ankle. She hopped on the spot swearing for a second, not at any pain but at…

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Dennis STONER said "HI Stephanie, I enjoyed the way you told this story, the honesty in your approach to the vagrant on the rainy streets of Newcastle and the contrast with the awful discovery at home! All very clear, credible and an enjoyable read. I must now check MY sons' bedrooms!!! Very Best Wishes Dennis"
1 year ago

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