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About this Short Story

Written by
Suzanne Mays

Josie braves danger.

  • 424 Words
  • 89% Community Rating

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The winter hills were cold as Josie rode her trusty pony, Tobin, toward her cattle herd on the north slope. The air held a pinkish light that smelled of snow. She glanced at the abandoned gold mine once worked by her father. Since his death it was an open gap on the hillside.

Coming to the top of the rise, a sudden gust of wind swirled snowflakes around her. Within seconds, they whirled in blinding swiftness. The air was completely white. Lost in a snowstorm meant danger, but Josie thought of the mine and urged her pony toward it. The wind whipped wildly as Josie urged Tobin on.

She reached the safety of the shelter and gratefully stepped into the dark of the opening. She wiped the snow from her face and waited until her eyes adjusted, then she saw the light down the tunnel.

“Hello,”said a male voice. Josie felt the tiny pistol in her pocket as a young man appeared sitting…

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Suzanne Mays Guest Editor replied saying "Thank you, Robert. One of my favorite authors is Louie LAmour. You're right on the trail with him in the first sentence. If I could go into any time it would be this one. I appreciate your comments, Suzanne"
4 years ago
Daniel Murphy said "I'd like to know what happens next! Intriguing ending."
6 years ago
Suzanne Mays Guest Editor replied saying "Thank you, Daniel. I have more adventures for Girlfriend. The going is tough, but she always wins. Flash Fiction is fun."
6 years ago
This comment has been removed; this user is no longer a member of Shortbread.
Adam West Guest Editor said "Ooooh - this was unashamedly dreamy stuff - cowboys with winning smiles eh, Suzanne - I like your style Ma'am - many thanks and good luck, Adam"
6 years ago

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