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About this Short Story

Written by
Terence Dillon

A man must roll a giant, plastic peanut up a hill. An author from Brooklyn creates a new version of The Myth Of Sisyphus.

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Sissy Face watched the seventy pound plastic peanut roll down the hill that was behind the tavern where he worked.

The six foot tall, plastic bottle of beer and a four foot tall plastic pretzel stick stood alone behind the tavern and seemed to miss the plastic peanut that usually accompanied them.

"Life is absorbed.", Mr. Sumac called out from his seat at the tavern and held up an empty beer mug. "Hey, young man with the face of a sissy, go to the bottom of this hill, upon which our beloved tavern stands, and bring our giant peanut back to us. We will drink our alcohol and eat the real pretzels and peanuts that are in this tavern to help us experience the truly absorbed nature of our lives!.". Mr. Sumac wiped his nose with his shirt sleeve while another one of the bartenders brought a bottle of beer to him.

"That guy…

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