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My first day of school...I am terriified. I have no idea of what to expect - how could I? How many moons have passed since our clan had been set upon by the might and madness of the hunters and their guns, exploding in our faces tearing our bodies apart snatching me away forever. I am told that I shall have a new family - but at night they lock me in a room alone without the warmth of my companions. And when the moon shines full I can not sing with the others as was our way, for I am alone and they tell me to hold my tongue. I am forbidden the fields and woods where once I ran free. I am told how I must eat, and dress, and learn to speak their way, act like them, become one of them, yet I can find no place among them. They have no space for me in their…

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Hugh Cron said "Hi David, this was a very clever way to address acceptance and loss. Not all acceptance is wanted. All the best. Hugh."
4 years ago
David Green replied saying "Maybe I've spent too much time in India, or reading Kipling. Thanks"
4 years ago
Adam West Guest Editor said "I missed this somehow - like Heidi I loved the stream of conscious feel to this but really cannot find fault in such a short piece - nicely done - many thanks, Adam"
6 years ago
David Green replied saying "Thanks Adam; indeed, a very short piece it is."
6 years ago
Christine Human said "Allowed the reader to come up with all sorts of conclusions as I read, ( none of them right). Ambitiuos piece which I enjoyed reading. On a personal note I feel the phrase "I think not" was not in keeping with the general language."
6 years ago
David Green replied saying ""I think not" has become a common phrase for Americans...and I liked the way it so emphatically negates the premise. That being said, I am delighted that you have not only read, but taken the time to in some small way critique my micro story. I find it interesting that while this story has apparently been enjoyed, nearly every reader has found some small issue not entirely to his or her liking. And for a piece of so few words - 300 or so - and never the same issue, this is remarkable, and from my viewpoint, desirable. I shall enjoy reflecting on each of your comments. Thank you!"
6 years ago
Heidi-jo Swain said "An unusual story cleverly told. I liked the lack of 'paragraphing'...gave it a nice stream of consiousness touch but agree with Jay that this would not worked if it was any longer. An interesting read."
6 years ago
This comment has been removed; this user is no longer a member of Shortbread.
Diane Dickson Guest Editor said "Passionate, poignant and sad. Very strong writing and an unusual idea. Well done."
6 years ago

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