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"I wink there four I am, I think that is what that famous philosophy guy said.", Janelle shrugged She sat with her friend, Ursula Kwotes at a long table in the college student dining room.

"I need to pass this philisophy class. I failed some of my other college classes!", Ursula shook her head. "By the way, Janelle, what is the name of that famous philosophy guy?".

"Dick Arts.", Janelle answered.

"Thanks.", Ursula took out her Math book. "Why did the math professor say that pies are square? Every pie that I ever ate was round, like a circle.".

"Some professors do not know what they are talking about!" Janelle moaned, "What do you think about that stupid writing teacher, Professor Jones? She wants us all to write an 'autobiography'.

"I never read or wrote about the life of any car!", Ursula frowned, "And Professor Jones is too prim and proper."

"Why do you think that…

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Sandy Wardrope said "Hi Terence, Good stuff even if the jokes were old hat. You could have went on longer dragged it out a bit. Funny read enjoyed tho', enjoyed it. All the best yours, Sandy W."
2 years ago
Terence Dillon replied saying "Thank you, Sandy. I am very interested in reading different comments about my writing. Take care of yourself and I hope that you enjoy the holiday season! Times have changed since I was a child. It used to be that we could not say dirty words but people were allowed to pray. Now, you can hear many different obscene words but you cannot pray! Oh, well... Terence"
2 years ago

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