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Very short satirical story one a mother's struggle to accept her daughter is gay and her subsequent plan to find her 'the right man'.

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Eve had always demanded attention from her ragged mother who did nothing but chase her all day long. From the time Eve was one she would crawl along and end up on top of the garden fence, leaving Melissa baffled. She carried on with resolute calm even when her teachers said there was nothing to be done when Eve once stopped her game of netball during PE for a 'fag break'. Melissa and her husband David were immensely proud of their daughter who they just knew would rise to any occasion and was destined to be rich some day and would not let some narrow minded blithering teachers who wouldn't know ambition if it danced naked in front of them get in the way of their dreams.

It didn't particularly matter that Eve vomited when she first heard their plans for her, nor the fact that each suitable bachelor they picked out…

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