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A silent prayer from mother to daughter

  • 146 Words
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Looking over the sleeping figure of my baby in silence

Tears flowing, with my thoughts upon the horizon

Clock ticking in the silence of the dark night

Calmly and peacefully dreaming of clouds of white

With my silent wish - tiny stars in heaven above

I pray to guide and protect this one I love.

Look over her, guide her, protect her and keep her safe

The world is not perfect and violence makes it unsafe

With my limited time with her I hope I can teach

All the importance of love, the soul and God I preach

The amazing gift and contributions she'll offer the world

Will be worth rainbow pots filled with honey and gold.

Lying down beside her as I drift off to sleep

Tight in each other’s arms so free.

The longing of wanting time to stand still

To play forever in this special garden of our will.

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Meg Malpass said "Your poetry is a joy. There is always one line in particular that keeps me thinking. "Lying in each other's arms so tight, so free." was in this one though I may have slightly misquoted it. Thanks for sharing all your lovely lines."
6 years ago
Natashja Singleton replied saying "Thank you Meg, I'm glad you like them :)"
6 years ago
This comment has been removed; this user is no longer a member of Shortbread.
Natashja Singleton replied saying "Emotions play a big role at the paticular moment when you write them. When i wrote the cat poems years ago, it was right after they passed away. with this one it was something i wanted to write, but at that paticular day the emotion wasn't right for it. all your thoughts and help I will go through all my poems again :)"
6 years ago

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