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Written by
Jay Leffew

Most people would shudder at the sight of them, but really, you shouldn't judge by appearances; deep down there's a hurt little dwarf, who wishes you'd see how kind he is, and resents the way people try to run screaming from him and his kind. It's a business transaction anyway, and you're cheating if you try to avoid things...

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"Who's that, trip-trapping over my bridge!?"

"Oh, it's me, Billy-goat Gruff"

Now here, you see, when I say, "Pay me, or I'll eat you all up!" I'm just asserting my authority as Toll-master. I have been known to get a good meal out of it, but usually it's a donated roast chicken...

These three do it every time, and my good nature lets them get away with it. Little billy-goat Gruff isn't much of a meal, I agree, and off he goes, then Big Billy-goat Gruff comes along, and tells me Great big Billy-goat Gruff would be a much better meal, well, to be honest I'm not all that keen on goat-meat anyway, and facing Great Big Billy-goat Gruff? Well, suffice it to say I learned my lesson the first time, when he butted me halfway across Lincolnshire.

We have an understanding. Their toll is paid, and paid quite deliciously I might add. What puzzles…

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Ahmed-hamid Woody Bagala-alina said "Well, I have always believed that there indeed is a pricefor everything...and that there is politics of a sort in everything! let and let live, huh? Good tale, Jay. Bless!"
6 years ago
Anne Stenhouse Graham said "Amazing how a re-telling like this brings things back. Wet Saturday afternoons in front of the fire with a book of fairy tales. Scary stuff for a youngster. Liked this."
6 years ago
Fran Strahan said "A troll bridge. This was a lot of fun. I had forgotten about Billy Goat Gruff and friends till I read this. And I notice all the action took place up here in Lincolnshire! Have to watch out around Sutton Bridge and Hubberts Bridge and Swineshead Bridge for starters! Thank you Jay, very much enjoyed."
6 years ago
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Andy Bottomley Guest Editor said "Another little gem, thanks Jay. I used to terrify the kids with Billy Goat Gruff when they were young but I don't think this one'll work on the grand kids though! They're to savvy and don't recognise a good retelling of a story when they see it!!....Andy"
6 years ago
Diane Dickson Guest Editor said "I liked the language you have used in here and the twist to what is one of my favourite old fables. Thanks - For this (I don't like goat meat either! eurgh)"
6 years ago
Adam West Guest Editor said "Ingenious reworking of the popular story - many thanks and good luck, Adam."
6 years ago

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