Short Story: Little Mr. Peterson (part 2)

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“Come. Out. Here. Right. Now!” Ms. Zatorski squealed.

The old woman grabbed a fly swatter, one of her weapons of choice, and searched the showroom. She whacked at every shelf she could reach, but only dust jumped. Stomping her way to the back room, she swatted wildly in the air, until she hit the light bulb. In the darkness, she caught the bulb with her other hand and screwed it on tightly. The imprisoned dolls screeched from the sudden light and scurried away to hidden corners of their cages.

Ms. Zatorski marched around the room with the fly swatter high above her head at the ready. “Where are you Little Mr. Peterson?”

She stopped as if she heard a noise. Spinning on one foot, she returned to the door. “I’m going to burn that little butt of yours when I...” Her voice tapered off as she turned the corner.

On the first day of his life, he ran for his life. He clambered up…

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Steven Mace said "Wonderfully sinister!"
6 years ago
Mark Patrick replied saying "Thanks Steven!"
6 years ago
Diane Dickson Guest Editor said "Poor little dolls and poor brave little Mr Peterson. I am really intrigued with this and going on now to read number 3 - off I go"
8 years ago
This comment has been removed; this user is no longer a member of Shortbread.
Mark Patrick replied saying "Thanks Dr John! Little Mr. Peterson has a lot of horrible fun in store for him..."
8 years ago
Alice Kingsley said "I can't wait for the next installment of this! So much fun to read, very addictive, and it's like a darker version of Toy Story."
8 years ago
Mark Patrick replied saying "Thanks Alice! Part 3 will be out this week"
8 years ago

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