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About this Short Story

Written by
Tony Brown

This story is for children of Primary School age. A comical adventure about the youngest member of the Hullaballoona family who is first to wake up and decides that he will fly around the world. His adventures, or more so mishaps, are due to him suffering a puncture after getting too close to a church steeple. On his travels he upsets the footballers who believe the referee has blown his whistle; likewise the road workmen get annoyed when their tea brake is disrupted by the kettle not actually whistling. However he needs the help of the workmen to get him out from a narrow tunnel he has become wedged in. Harry doesn’t actually make it all the way around the world so heads home for tea only to be confined to bed for being naughty.

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The Hullaballoona family are hot air balloons, each of them being a different colour. Mum is green, Dad is red, Harry is blue and Helen is pink.

One night, Harry the youngest balloon, dreamt about flying around the world.

He was awoken early the next morning by chirping birds and the sunlight on his face. His Mum, Dad and sister Helen were still fast asleep.

Harry, being a mischievous little balloon, began untying the rope that secured him to the post. He immediately lifted off the ground and began floating upwards to the sky. He went up and up until he was above the roofs of the houses.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly when Harry suddenly gasped in horror. He saw that he was flying straight towards the church. As hard as he puffed he just couldn’t make himself go any higher and he flew into the steeple scraping his side. He cried out…

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