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About this Short Story

Written by
Sean Kenny

A Rainbow Seeker is a Seanachie, a travelling Irish story teller, seeking truth, or at least a good story, at the end of the rainbow. This is one of his tales about whether to follow your head or your heart...

  • 603 Words
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The Rainbowseeker was taking a mid morning rest on the main street of a market town. His thoughts were turning to the prospects for lunch when a young woman came out from one of the shops and approached him.

“Are you a Rainbowseeker? Can you answer a question for me?”

“I am, ma’am, pleased to make your acquaintance. What might your problem be?”

“I have two young men pursuing me and I cannot choose between them. One is steady and decent and would make a fine husband for any woman. The other is handsome and a bit dangerous and excites me just to look at him. How do I choose, Rainbowseeker, do I follow my head or my heart?”

“That is a weighty problem, you have there, young lady. I might need to cogitate a little on that one. Whilst I give it my full consideration, would you do me the favour of taking my best friend here for a walk into the fields…

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Hugh Cron said "Hi Sean, I am always a sucker for a fable. This was lighter than I would normally read but I thoroughly enjoyed your tale. All the best. Hugh"
4 years ago
Adam West Guest Editor said "Thanks for this enjoyable story which felt a lot like those fables your primary/middle schoolteacher used to read you as a treat."
7 years ago

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