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Written by
Desmond Kelly

Life in a small village, where a group of boys attack an old man falsely accused of being a paedophile.

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“You think you know everything? You don’t even know you’re born yet.” The old man yelled.

Nobody liked old man Reilly, and he reciprocated.

We called him names, at a safe distance. He had an ugly red nose pitted like the surface of a meteorite. Strange fruit sprouted among the hairs growing there. We could barely meet his gaze without feeling offended.

The old man spat profusely. “You boys better keep a safe distance.”


His face crunched gears as a hand shot out. We were gone.

It was easy to bait an old man with half his leg blown away in some terrible war. We ran; he hobbled in our wake before turning in at the pub.

The village is a small place, with only one pub. It’s a focal point for the community.

Molly Lancaster served behind the bar; she was a pretty witch, who wanted to become an actress but meanwhile served up gassy beer with…

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Sandy Wardrope said "Hi Des, A good tale if not a little thin. I would have liked a more detailed account of the bullying and harassment the old man endured and more background of the conniving barmaid, all the same the story was enjoyable. All the best yours, Sandy W."
2 years ago
June Griffin said "There is a lot of good stuff in this story, Des, and that last line was simply perfect. Highly recommended! June"
2 years ago
Desmond Kelly replied saying "Thanks June. A cheerful little piece to begin the festive season. Des"
2 years ago

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