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Written by
Ian Christopher

How a person's mind can be changed by chance.

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A ruthless, evil man is shot in the head. He falls into a state of unconsciousness but wakes up some months later. He is not the same man anymore and everybody who meets him dooes not know what to make of him. His new persona is almost childlike while some people believe he is now an idiot. In the past people were wary of him but now there an air of someone who does not want to hurt anyone. His wife, who before he was shot, was ready to leave him and get away from the menace in their marriage. Yet since his recovery she feels she is more like a mother to him rather than a wife.

Its a wonder what change can do ?

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Suzanne Mays Guest Editor said "Ian, this is an interesting story and see all kinds of possibilities here. I especially like the chance part and because of "chance" there was change. I've always agreed with the idea that in a good story, there is change. Sometimes its better, sometimes its worse, but it needs to be there. All the best to you in writing, Suzanne"
2 years ago

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