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Written by
Barry Robertson

So you want a horror story?

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It Was a Dark & Stormy Night.....

Standing at the bus stop in heavy snow, cold and wet, fed up. Wanting to get home where it would be warm and dry. Thinking about it, looking over to the Belisha beacon a few yards away.

Suddenly a movement there caught my eye. Something peculiar was happening to the bright orange ball, the one on the same side of the pavement as me.

It seemed to be cracking open all by itself. The light went out, but the street lamp nearby illuminated it well enough to see what was happening and there was a silvery luminous light shining from the broken beacon, something I’d never seen before.

From the top appeared a claw-like hand, pushing the ball wider, like a chicken hatching from its egg, but this was no chicken.

Foam surrounded its slithering body. It had a small head, but it was growing bigger, with glaring red eyes and a fang filled mouth..

Like a butterfly emerging…

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Christine Human said "Um! Not for cat lovers! Love the involvment of the belisha beacon , they do always seem to be broken. Now I know why. Nobody around to see though? You were there."
6 years ago
Melford Maderazo Guest Editor said "Nice story, Barry! Like it, thanks!"
6 years ago
This comment has been removed; this user is no longer a member of Shortbread.
Patsy R Liles said "Well! What a use of words. So horrific. I squirmed in my chair and tried to hurry through it, but I had to know what was going on.....very well done for the genre. Patsy"
6 years ago
Diane Dickson Guest Editor said "Erm - Yikes - Eurgh, OMG and Help - This was a nightmare and I could feel my jaw dropping as I read it. Very vivid and imaginative - poor cat eh. - Phew - Well done - Diane"
6 years ago

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