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Written by
Desmond Kelly

A woman who believes she may no longer be visible discovers she is the centre of attention for a writer

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Dripping flower baskets hung from brackets as tubs filled with damp colour shone softly in the brittle light. For a weekday morning, Covent Garden was sparsely populated and the few people encountered moved with a purposeful air, striding, as she strolled; behaving like a tourist who has arrived much too early for the main event.

The shops were barely open, with staff cleaning shelves or drinking coffee, glancing back at her with that dazed expression of early morning oblivion. She wandered amidst lofty buildings, making her way to the steps of the Royal Ballet, gazing up at an impressive facade. There was a time when she had dreams; dreams of performance and the heady rush that fame would bring. She still recalled how in her early teens she felt like a spirit in waiting; just waiting to be born, and to dance with majestic energy on the unbounded stage. She had longed for success, and dreamed of admirers who would cascade…

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Desmond Kelly said "I tried to give this a tender twist. Love stories aren't my style usually but I felt it was right for the heroinne to have some fun. Sometimes we live our lives out of a sense of duty to others and can forget what we need. Hence the invisibility aspect of the title; that's not to say I advocate adultery but sometimes I feel the puritans have gained complete control. Not very PC I know, but fantasy allows us to go places we may never get the chance to operate in."
8 years ago

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