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Written by
Daniel Pearce

An egotistical father unfit to be a dad gets a surprise from his neglected son.

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The child wasn’t wanted. Not by me anyway. But the mother craved the same fulfilment from pregnancy I sought from writing. Love is capricious that way. Makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do. You compromise. Make sacrifices or in this case create life. But love is capricious. On some days I adored the child. Others I considered giving him away. I imagined an orphan shadowed by a portly town crier declaring “BOY FOR SALE!” But the wife assured me I’d get used to him, grow to love him. She was patient with me. The love between the two of them generated spite, envy and anger. I would watch them play together. Laughing and joking disruptively and driving me to distraction. My work began to suffer. I couldn’t concentrate with him around. He was perpetually entering my office space uninvited, inquiring about my work and wanting to sit at my desk.…

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June Griffin said "Neat story, Daniel! I like your writing style! June"
2 years ago
Daniel Pearce replied saying "Thanks for reading June, I'm not even sure I have a 'style' so this is a huge vote of confidence for me. Thanks again, Dan."
2 years ago
James McEwan Guest Editor said "The disdain for the boy is clear, we never learn his name. But in the end, I conclude that our character lives and will die in his egotistic world. Oh how satisfying that he got his comeuppance at the end. The end was just right for the reader (well for me in any case) that the frustrated writer is upstaged. Of course he doesn't change or learn from the experience, instead he becomes even more despicable. Regards, James."
2 years ago
Daniel Pearce replied saying "Thank you for commenting James, I'm glad you felt the ending suited the story. I've always enjoyed writing about villains more than heroes and in this case I wanted to make him as unsympathetic as possible."
2 years ago

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