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About this Short Story

Written by
Daniel Pearce

A hook suspension enthusiast attempts enlightenment through his craft.

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I’ve always had a higher tolerance for pain when it comes to an audience and when Poker pierced the first hook through my shoulder, I let out a little “Ow!” eliciting laughter from the whole gang.

“Ever considered doing this yourself?” I asked Poker

“Nah mate, I’m a sadist not a pin-cushion.”

Poker’s idea of heaven was as an intruding devil, sticking pitchforks into angels but here he was more surgeon than butcher, skilled and precise. If we both went together, we’d be doing this in the afterlife.

“I dunt unnerstand why you do it, pal, am jus’ grateful for the opportunity.” He grinned and stuck me with another hook just below the back of my neck.

I’d spoken to others in the business and everyone had a different reason. They were masochists and adrenaline junkies; body-modification enthusiasts who got their ears pierced at fifteen and developed an insatiable taste.

For me it was different. There was…

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Dennis STONER said "Ouch! That really hurt, Daniel. Original and compelling read with very clear descriptive writing. I was left wondering whether your human fish received medical attention. Your prose kept me hooked and captivated! Best Wishes Dennis"
1 year ago
June Griffin said "A unique and painfully good horror story! Best wishes, June"
2 years ago
Daniel Pearce replied saying "Thanks for reading June, appreciate the comments :)"
2 years ago
James McEwan Guest Editor said "I felt like the audience, not sure what I was witnessing. A complete mad form of voyeuristic entertainment, that suddenly goes wrong. Do you laugh or cry? James."
2 years ago
Daniel Pearce replied saying "Thanks for reading and commenting James, this was an odd story to write for me and I fear the meaning is not entirely clear even to me, though any interpretation is welcome."
2 years ago

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