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About this Short Story

Written by
John Buckley

As it happened. Really.

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“Battle draw nears Hardy.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“The battle that will put an end to Napoleon’s hopes of ever invading”

“Yes, sir.”

“Trafalgar. The defining moment of my career, Hardy.”

“Undoubtedly, sir.”

“If we sink the French fleet today, Hardy, our beautiful country is safe and Britain will rule the waves for ever more. Think of that, Hardy. Safe from that blaggard Bonaparte and we shall be heroes.”

“Tis a sobering thought, my lord.”

“Time, I think, to send the signal: England expects every man to do his duty.”

“I will see to it straight away, sir.”

“My God man, what are you doing?”

“Texting the men, sir.”

“You’re what-ing the men?”

“Texting them, sir. Mobile phones, they’ve all got them. Ing… xpex… F-ry… man… 2do…hs.. du-T.”

“What are you blithering on about Hardy? Have the flags raised this instant.”

“Well, I could sir, but this is more efficient.”

“I want something that will resonate through the ages, not some half-formed gobbledegook. Ing?”

“Short for England sir, like…

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