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Written by
John Buckley

Great momenst, how they happened.

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“Two years, hundreds of miles, through desert and jungle, suffering heat exhaustion and in the constant dread of dangerous insects and wild animals, but still I kept searching for that most famous explorer and missionary, the man whose discoveries have illuminated this dark continent and now, at last, I believe I have found him: you are sir, Dr Livingstone I presume.”

“Indeed, I am sir. Welcome to Ujiji.”

“I thank God, Doctor, I have been permitted to see you.”

“I feel thankful that I am here to welcome you. Now tell me, are you Ant or Dec?”

“Neither sir, I am Stanley.”

“Ahh, of course. Ant, Dec and Stan. What a trio!”

“Well, er, they have sent me to find you sir. You were believed dead. It has been six years since the world heard of Dr Livingstone, the man who discovered the Victoria Falls and crossed his great continent from coast to coast.”

“It was nothing.”

“Nothing you…

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James McEwan Guest Editor said "Hi John, a nice satirical piece on our sad state of British Reality Tv. I wonder if this story will travel? James."
2 years ago
Daniel Mays said "Very well done, John. This line of writing could be unstoppable and the characters are immense. Excellent stage for you (and others, with your permission) to invest your and their creativity and imagination. Thanks, Daniel"
2 years ago
Sandy Wardrope said "Hi John, Great stuff, well done. I love this a type of story a kind of 'What If' tale, tongue in cheek and all that. It was well written, easy to read and was filled with some great dialogue it was really good, made my day. Mind you I was painting the front bedroom. Anyway all the best yours, Sandy W."
2 years ago
John Buckley replied saying "Thank you Sandy. You are my first review and naturally I'm chuffed you like it."
2 years ago

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