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Written by
Kenneth Steven

Narrated by
Kenneth Steven

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  • 2287 Words
  • 80% Community Rating

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He did all the things he always did in the morning: he closed the door between the kitchen and the hall, left the note for the cleaner beside the ivory elephant on the hall table, straightened the mat before closing the front door behind him. He could hear the city before he saw it; the distant slush of the traffic as it moved in one single river eastwards. It had rained again during the night – everything was clear and shiny. But it was so warm, so strangely warm for December. Nothing like the winters they used to make.

He met one of the assistants leaving the Marine Lab as he approached the steps.

‘Morning, Ron. D’you find the records for me, the ones from 1969?’

‘Yeah, whole box of them in there for you. From before I was born!’

‘No need to rub it in. Tell Trev I’ll be down with the results first thing…

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Carol Wight said "I thought the transition from the present to memory should be a little clearer"
5 years ago
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Meg Malpass said "Once again a beautiful story. Thank you Kenneth. Can't wait for your book to arrive."
6 years ago
David Green said "Well done (from one who wont shy from a harsh criticism when one is called for.)"
7 years ago
Diane Dickson Guest Editor said "I just love this site - you never know when you might come across a real jewel like this one. It has so many things in it that are wonderful, snow, sledging, wildlife, the natural world, innocence, blooming love and then to cap it all a remembrance of that lovelyfolk song "Searching for the shoals of herring". Great stuff - well done indeed - Thank you - Diane"
7 years ago
Irene Brown said "There's poetry in every line in this beautifully paced story. Not every writer can read well but Kenneth Steven's voice sounded just right here. A pleasure on a cold Sunday evening!"
7 years ago

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