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About this Short Story

Written by
James Nevin

A short story blending dark comedy with horror. Mr Gallagher gets some unwanted attention from his elderly neighbor, Herbert, who lives only with his three dogs in an inherited mansion...

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The old man shuffles slowly down the street, the wind rustling his tracksuit top and chinos, floppy hat flapping. Three Scottish terriers trot in a row, their leads slack in obedience to their master’s pace. The grim, upturned expression on his face is the product of many years peering over neighbouring hedges, inspecting the latest forms of mischief.

“Everyone always said Herbert was a bad egg” Mrs Figg, my neighbour, shakily lowers her tea cup, as she stares out the window at the retreating figure walking down the street. “Even though he’s never been caught doing something wrong, he’s just always been a little bit…” She leans in and whispers: “Creepy.” I purse my lips in concentration, a small trickle of fear running down my back.

“I’ve only seen him once, last year when I moved in. He was a bit odd then as well. Stood in the street watching me as I…

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