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About this Short Story

Written by
Keith Snell

Darren has got the hump about his 40 acres of land and who's allowed to use it.

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“It’s every damn year, I’m telling you, it’s got to stop!”

Jenna’s cup rattled in its saucer as Darren spat out the words like a military command. She hastily replaced it on the table and gave her mother Alice a nervous glance before following his pointing finger to the window.

“I don’t see anything,” she said, gazing out at the snow-covered garden.

“Me neither,” said Alice, peering over the rim of her new bifocals.

“Are you blind woman? Not on the lawn; past the fence, up by that clump of trees.”

“But they must be half a mile away.”

“That’s our field and he’s at it again. I’ll give him grazing rights!”

Alice frowned and looked to her daughter for an explanation.

“It’s like this mum; when we bought the field it came with the condition that it could be used for grazing by the local farmer. Trouble is we think he’s been renting it out to the locals…

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Suzanne Mays Guest Editor said "I liked this story and could picture it all. Thank you, Suzanne"
2 years ago
Keith Snell replied saying "Thanks Suzanne. As you can probably guess it was posted late November in time for Christmas, however the site appears to have acquired a severe case of hiccups. Cheers, Keith."
2 years ago
June Griffin said "A very enjoyable treat with a perfect surprise ending! Best wishes, June"
2 years ago
Keith Snell replied saying "Hi June, I'm guessing you spotted the clues as to when this was posted on the site. I was hoping the problems might persist for another ten months which would have made it highly topical; albeit a year late."
2 years ago

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