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Narrated by
Rick Knight

Chuck is a surfing legend. At least he was until a shark interfered...

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Chuck was a nom de surf, used by all his surfing friends, and others, but not by his mother. Mothers have a way of adhering to their sons’ real names, ignoring the fact that Frederick is Freddy, Geoffrey is Geoff, or that Joseph is plain Joe. Chuck’s mother called him Charles, a name which he had always disliked and which he had abandoned in favour of Chuck at the age of fourteen. Mothers are like that — fiercely loyal to their sons in the face of all the evidence. The one person who can be relied upon to forget a son’s criminal record is his mother.

Not that Chuck had a criminal record: he was, in fact, an extremely hard-working tree surgeon, with a prosperous business in a small town on the Western Australian coast. His father, whom his mother could only mention with a shudder had left the family home when Chuck was seven, leaving his wife to bring…

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Adam West Guest Editor replied saying "Jay, you could always do a bit of snooping and check out bios on here to familiarise yourself with who is 'published' and who is not - but I don't imagine it matters does it?"
7 years ago
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Julie Hodgkiss said "Australis - Brilliant at giving the aussie humour - loved it = simple but yet deeper than first thought. Loved his previous books - this has remained on my mind particulary because of the Aussie narrator"
9 years ago
Julie Hodgkiss said "Robin Pilcher - Liked his books - loved this short story"
9 years ago
Jane Townsley said "nice little tale - very well written, excellent use of language, succinct & emotive. Enjoyed the humour. "
9 years ago
Donald Blair said "flawless tone - really good command of the material - no unnecessary detail - characters sketched with wit and brevity - black humour effortlessly sustained - glad I read it"
9 years ago

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