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Written by
Ivy Plume

Everything has a meaning and every meaning has a different story. Make of it what you will. And be transported into your own vision of the world.

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The dimly lit canvas of sky was awaiting the final blow of the sun to cast shimmering colors of bright pinks, yellows and oranges. Peaking from above the blue waves in the distance so too did the warmth, like a blanket touching my skin. The brightness became to much as i lay backwards digging my toes into the wet sand. The light lapping of water on the shore rushing back and forth, the birds rising from the trees chirping. It seemed, to me, liked utter perfection. And with perfect vision the sky danced in colors so vivid, so mesmerizing, as if from a dream.

The birds were flying now, only a few, gliding to unknown destinations with no need for time to push them on. I rose forward holding my knees and resting my chin on top to stare at the golden light that had risen higher making it easier to see.…

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Dennis STONER said "HI Ivy, I enjoyed your description of beach paradise very much; I felt I was there under that big, hot old sun! Purely personal observation but check out your use of past & present tense for consistency. Best Wishes Dennis"
1 year ago

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