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About this Short Story

Written by
June Griffin

A bachelor fears marriage.

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Someday, someday, would it be

That love becomes a certainty?

Until then, I guess I’ll stay

Alone and keeping love at bay.

And yet if fate would have it so,

I’d end this constant ebb and flow

Of torment and desire both –

And choose just one to pledge my troth.

Still, I don’t like the thoughts I’m thinking –

Bouquets, garters, chains a’clinking.

Oh, no, no, no, I can’t commit

No matter how I long for it.

My blood turns to instant ice

By thoughts of just one grain of rice.

Something old and something new,

Something borrowed, something blue,

Is something awful! I could weep.

Dare I really make that leap?

Has fickle fate cooked up for me

A wedding cake? I’m pained to see

A tiny bride and groom on top –

And a knife about to take a chop.

This monstrous cake, all icing capped

Is telling me that I am trapped.

Frosting heaped in mounds of white

Have open petals set to bite.

Is there no escape, dear Lord?

I can’t believe I…

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June Griffin said "Thanks so much to each of you. Somehow your comments did not come in my email but I found them on the front cover. Appreciate it. June"
2 years ago
Bob Kasch said "Nice work ,as always June. So much truth in this poem. Enjoyed the read."
2 years ago
Desmond Kelly said "Hi June. The perennial problem for the single man/woman, to give up their freedom etc for a life of cosy joy. With the current levels of divorce and separation it appears not many think too deeply about a commitment for life. Maybe we need to renew the licence every year, like we do for a dog? Is that going too far? Well done. Des"
2 years ago
James McEwan Guest Editor said "Hi June, I always put it down to the bachelor having difficulty with responsibility. He loves his apparent freedom and can accept his own misgivings, but having that loving woman point them out is shameful. If married he would have to be more thoughtful of others, a responsibility too much for some. A good piece that raises a prevalent issue, but then its only poetry. James."
2 years ago

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