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About this Short Story

Written by
Laury A. Egan

Fergus suffers from dementia and lives, partially paralyzed from a stroke, in a nursing home. He reviews his past and current life through the cloudy lens of his impairment.

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Fergus stared at the cobweb that sashayed between two silver angels, which, along with three ball ornaments, two Santa Clauses, and a holly wreath, had been glued on his window since two minutes after Thanksgiving. In front of the decorations plastered on the glass, a fake-looking, one-foot-high Christmas tree sat, its spiky branches buffeted by the heat blasting out the vents. It, too, was tricked up with cobwebs.

Fergus figured that as far as the nursing home went, Christmas stretched to just before Valentine’s Day. By his reckoning, staring at the kitten calendar tacked above his bed, it would be only a couple of weeks before pierced hearts would bleed across his room. Then St. Patrick’s Day would bring the onslaught of leprechauns and shamrocks, a little more bearable, but even so, this decorating mania made him sick. He would give them a piece of his mind if he could, but Fergus hadn’t much to spare nor was he…

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