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About this Short Story

Written by
Suzanne Mays

A young man goes on a journey that changes his life.

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I was twenty-nine when my wife and I separated for the summer. We’d come to an impasse about having children and decided to spend the summer apart in order to think about it. I enrolled in a small college in the mountains and took a course in earth science from Professor Denton Soby. He was a leading authority on the magnetic grids that surround the earth.

These magnetic grids, or ley lines as they’re called, emit an energy frequency. It was my belief that if I aligned my brain waves to the exact right energy frequency, like tuning into a radio, I might get answers. It was my hope to line up my wife as well. I did an extensive research paper for Professor Soby and when he said, “David, let’s meet for coffee,” I got excited.

He had a fringe mind. The college was a tucked back place that attracted odd sorts…

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Daniel Mays said "I really enjoyed reading this. Love to think about the Ley lines. Good work, Thanks, Daniel"
2 years ago

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